Monday, March 29, 2010

Photo's never meant to be published

Some of my personal favorite photographs are the ones I've taken before the subject of the assignment has arrived, or ones I've taken while scouting the location. They are the photographs of clients and assistants that I've politely asked, told or tricked into standing in for a "TEST SHOT". I cherish the best of these photographs as mementos of collaborations, colleagues and friends.

Ben's one of my favorite subjects. While on assignment for BC Business, he and I met at the location early to scout and he willingly stood in for the test shots. Ben's a great sport and these are two of my favorites.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A behind-the-scenes look at the Little T photoshoot

The Little T Photoshoot with photographer Paul Joseph from Doris Cheung-Joseph on Vimeo.

Travis, a young hip hop artist and friend of ours, asked us to shoot some stills of him for a cd he was releasing. My wife decided it would be a good idea to film the day. This is result.

A shout out to the crew for an amazing job. No egos and everyone pitched in wherever needed.
Doris Cheung-Joseph: Art Director, Stylist, Videographer and Editor. You can even see her holding a strobe.
Chiris Clements: Trusted assistant, Voice activated lightstand, Videographer #2, Behind the scenes Still Photographer
Michelle Sheremata: Make-up and Hair