Friday, May 29, 2009

Recent Tear Sheets

BC Business_May 2009: Lights Out by Jim Sutherland
retouching by Debbie Lynn Craig
at Canada Wide Media

Western Living Condo_Spring/Summer 2009: Society columnist Fred Lee's condo,
styling by Amanda Ross

Vancouver Magazine_May 2009: Camil Dubuc, President of Genesis Security

BC Business_March 2009: Premier Gordon Campbell,
make-up by Farren Dufault

Monday, May 25, 2009

A day at the races.

Ok, I embellish a little. It was more like an hour and a half, and we were there to test my wife’s allergy to horses not bet the ponies. It was long enough to have a beer and a hotdog in the sun and catch the last two races. I left the camera at home and shot these on my iPhone.

Arthur Erickson

I was fortunate enough to be assigned to photograph Arthur Erickson for the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business magazine some 8 or 9 years ago. I remember he was dressed immaculately. He had agreed to 15 minutes for me to take his portrait. As we worked we talked between shots and eventually we wound up talking about photography. At the time I thought myself clever for having touched upon a subject that Mr Erickson found interesting and indeed seemed well versed in. In hindsight I think Arthur was just trying ease a young photographer’s nerves. In any event, he made a comment about believing the square format to be the perfect format to photograph in, because it is the truest approximation of our natural field of view. That stuck with me and every now again I stare off into space exploring my peripheral vision, examining it for edges and corners…

Anyway, he gave me 25 minutes and shook my hand as we said goodbye. I remember him as a gentleman and a warm conversationalist.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today 05.21.2009

I gave a talk today at Cap College on what it is that I do. I think I evaded that question very effectively by focusing primarily on what it was that I have done. That was noon to 1:30 then I had a shoot scheduled at three but showed up at 2:15 so i could be set and ready for the subject. This went swimmingly and I was done by 3:30. Then I had a meeting with @bcbusiness a couple of blocks away so I did what any self respecting photographer would do. I left the $5000 camera body and the $2000 lens in the bag and shot on my iPhone.

The Audience

I hope I entertained the crew in Rick Staehling's class today at Capilano College. That's an hour and a half you guys will never have back. So if i didn't impart any wisdom to you i hope it was at the very least somewhat amusing. Should any of you be reading this I'd appreciate the feedback + or -. Thank you for having me again Rick.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Ferry Two

iPhone/Photoshop CS4

The Ferry

The Ferry is is both the biggest pain in the butt and the most magnificent way to travel all at the same time.


Waiting to shoot

There's a lot of hurry up and wait involved in photography. Waiting for the set prep, waiting for make-up, waiting for the light... Then the hurry up and get the shot so we can move on to the next shot, then the waiting again. Its good to keep your eyes open and a camera handy during these in-between moments.

from my iPhone, processed in Color FX.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


These were shot on a farm in Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast yesterday. It was a perfectly cloudy day, the kind of day that allows you to shoot almost anywhere with just enough contrast to show depth. I was shooting for some friends who are making a film in the late summer. These photographs of Daisy were made while we worked through points of view for the first shot of the day.